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Moment of Peace

Peace. It's the word I would use to describe this moment in time. Albeit brief, these are the moments I've been trying to cling to, brandishing them in memory for future days when you're taller and stronger than I, for future days when my love, though unchanging, will look very different.

My eyes soak in your form, the one that was so miraculously knit within me. Supple rolls have ever so gradually formed on your sweet legs, leaving creases on your knees whenever you straighten and stretch. Your perfect fingers and toes, feeling and grasping as you discover the wonders of touch. You are such a mix of everyone, Mama, Daddy, and your two big brothers. And yet you are your very own, distinguished and bold.

Your little frame relaxes, sinking deeper into the crook of my arm. Grey eyes remain fixed on some unknown object, their lids blinking slowly with the weight of morning adventures. Occasionally they wander, meeting my own. The corner of your mouth slowly lifts in a lopsided grin, soother falling halfway out as that small dimple makes itself known.

Love. Complete, wholesome love and utter acceptance beams through those beautiful grey eyes. You've been graciously crafted with the truth of who we were created to be, woven throughout your whole self, and it shines brightly in these moments and days of innocence and wonder.

Your chest moves in rhythm to the gentle swaying of this old rocking chair. My lips press softly against your downy hair, while utterances of thanks are carried by slow exhales of breath.

Though the energetic voices of your brother's negotiating waft through the vents, I choose to stay in this moment of peace, knowing that it will soon pass away like dust in the wind...

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