How to describe myself best? I am a woman who has journeyed through much, some of which I would not dare wish upon my greatest enemy. And though I obviously would choose not to walk through the pain and hurt that I have, I can truly say that there has been beauty that's risen from the ashes, life has sprouted and taken a deep root in my heart.

I've been married to my best friend and love of my life for nearly a decade, and together we have three mancubs. I love slow mornings, drinking a semi-warm cup of coffee and reading and/or journalling, with the sound of my boys playing in the background.

I also love learning and exploring, whether that be through the window of a book, getting dirt under my fingernails in the back garden, or travelling to the beautiful places our world has to offer. Having littles has grown my love of living life to the fullest.

I've always been a writer. I remember as a child sitting cross-legged on my thin comforter, journal and pen in hand to capture anything and everything that danced through my mind. There was sorrow, angst, joys and dreams along with poems and quotes gathered from various sources (as with being a writer I was a constant reader). My writing has changed as I've grown from little girl to grown woman, just as I am sure that it will continue to be honed and refined as I reach the seasons of aged beauty and maturity like a good wine only gets better with time. In this space you will be witness to such journey, as I journey through life with a mother's heart.


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