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How does one go about describing themselves best, especially when we are such multifaceted creatures? Here is my attempt.


I am a woman who has journeyed through much. And yet despite the pain I've faced, I can truly say that beauty does rise from ashes, that when we surrender ourselves to the One who created us, again and again, new life sprouts, and if we allow it, roots deeply in the innermost parts of our being.

It seems a lifetime ago that I fell in love with and married my best friend. Together we raise three young boys and journey through life's many adventures.


My favourite things in life besides my family are slow mornings with a warm cup of tea and a good book, or exploring the world around me, whether it's exploring the local hills and coulees, letting my eyes feast on the green-golden hues of the prairie grasses and the sweet sounds of the bird flittering amongst the brush, or whether I journey by plane, train or automobile.

I also love the art of sowing seeds and seeing tender life grow and produce. Gardening is such a beautiful metaphor of these lives we live, one that I was well taught by my paternal Grandmother whilst, side by side, tending to her large garden or watching her skillful hands as she carefully trimmed the pastry crust of a soon to be warm apple pie. 

And I've always had such a fondness for written words. For so long when I couldn't speak forth that which was in me, that which occurred around me, I found solice when my pen touched the clean, simple lines of an untouched notebook page. 

My writing has changed as I've grown from a little girl to a grown woman with a family of her own, just as I am sure that it will continue to be honed and refined as I reach the seasons of aged beauty. In this space you will be witness to such journey.

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