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I See You, Sweet One

To the little girl in the emergency room,

I see you sweet one. I see you stealing glances at me as I smile and wave to your baby brother. I see that curiosity, that wonder racking your mind. Maybe it’s because I’ve been speaking life and peace over you as I watch you out of the corner of my eye.

I dare to steal full glances at you. You become more comfortable as I turn from your baby brother to you, smiling, still speaking life and peace silently under my breath.

You dare to look back at me. And that’s when I see it, the hurt and pain, both physical and emotional and spiritual. I see the sadness there.

I wonder, as I only can, trying not to judge but rather intercede on behalf of.

We meet again on the other side of those doors, past the waiting room. Your aunt is with you, but I know your heart really longs for Mama. But, she’s taking care of baby brother. He needs her too.

I can overhear snippets of the words your aunt utters. And little love, I want to speak quiet and gentle, yet loud and clear: you ARE loved.

Dear sweet girl, you are beautiful. You hold a beauty that transcends looks and runs ever so deep, past who you are and have been created to be, all the way to the One who created you. Yes, Him. The very one who defines beauty. And to think that He created you in His image.

Sweet girl, you are enough. Yes, you have made mistakes, just like the rest of us, and there is messiness all around you, but know deep within that regardless of what you do you will always be enough, because He says so. Find rest in that truth and cast off the shame that this world tries to ingrain in your heart.

For you are loved.

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