• D K

Embark With Me

Embark With Me

Where to start;

how to begin?

Is it possible to address you as friends,

rather than foes who grasp for a win?

I approach you as me

in all of my fullness;

A young woman in this world

who is journeying towards wholeness.

Bearing many titles,

I come to you now,

not to sway or persuade

but rather to share how.

How did a girl

such as I end up here;

A girl who was nothing

but surrounded by fear.

A glimpse of my story

shared with you now,

of the label of death

that was placed on my brow.

The daughter of a man

and a woman was I;

My life had been created

but I'd been destined to die.

What happened behind doors

wasn't bared for them to see.

There was no one but me to witness

the hatred when it was set free.

The words that were spoken,

the actions committed,

let me to believe

that I was truly unwitted.

He spoke through it all,

always holding me near;

Our Father in heaven

wiped every tear.

Two little girls

were born after me;

It was my whole purpose

to see them set free.

Free from abuse

and free from temptation

to believe in the lies

of our situation.

What you see now

is the breaking from death

that was spoken by them

before my first breath.

Though why I am here

in this place, this position,

when I was the teen

who suffered addiction..

I can only wonder

the same as you,

Submitting myself

to the One who knew.

As I find myself given

the responsibility of leading,

I beg you to join me

instead of retreating.

So much is at stake

with all going on;

It's really not about us,

but rather the Son.

Instead of hiding,

giving way to temptation,

can we all seek to learn

something about supplication?

We're not called to be silent,

so I beg of you now:

Be wise and discerning

with what you allow.

Bitterness is a seed

that so quickly takes root;

It may be disguised,

as it's truly a brute.

As for me, don't you see

that I stand with you now?

I'm pleading and begging

for you to lift up your brow.

He's called all of us

to the place where we stand;

to grab hold of each other

hand in hand.

We will not always agree,

and that is okay;

But we're called to uplift

each and every day.

So I ask of you now

as a mere young woman:

Please stand beside me

as a fellow human.

I've been called to this place,

though I may not know why;

I really just need you,

not to be shy.

Will you take my hands

and help me along,

as I seek to do well

at singing my song?

I can't do it without you,

as we are one body;

To do this as called,

we need everybody.

We need the young,

those who are still sprouting;

We need the well-seasoned,

as they are our grouting.

Embark with me now

as I take this journey,

Covered by grace,

led by Mercy.

To Him be the glory,

all honour and power;

With each breath that we breathe,

as we fade with the flowers.

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